Saturday, January 27th, 2018

The latest happening at The Wine Locker:

The first person who came in was Carl N., looking mighty fresh and relaxed.  See what wonder it can do when you drink good wine on Friday evening!!

Then,  in trooped Laszlo and a couple more, plus a nice “surprise” by Scott Palazzo & his lovely wife.  A few just went to the back to tend to their own wine affair, and a few hung out in the office  including Stephen K., Christ A & Michael S.

 On the little buffet table were:

--Fried little drumsticks.

--Chinese BBQ pork,

--Chinese flat rice noodles with beef, and

--Fried Rice with scrambled eggs and shrimp,

All from Sam Woo nearby.

This little fare was endorsed enthusiastically by Scott, and the rest of us!!

We can have wine without food, but no way we would have food without wine.  All of us here breathe wine, sleep wine, dream wine and work for wine.

It is now finally that unspoken guideline of waiting 10 years can be applied to 2008 Bordeaux.     So, the very nice Wine Locker treated us to a revisit of the following:

--Leoville Poyferre  (St. Julien),

--L’Aura (Margaux)

--Ch de Gay (Pomerol)

And thank you so much too, Stephen, for opening a Melville Verna’s Estate PN.  We can always count on Melville to perform!

So, about half a dozen of us generate some interesting conservations for a few hours: all on the same subject: Wine, of course!!!

Another little nice “surprise”:

Jerry H came in and joined us a bit too --- to hear Jerry tell how he was “forced” into buying a mixed case of DRC (1978??) back then was like a short trip on wine dreamland!!

By the way, Jerry was the one who introduced me to Pierre-Yves Collin-Morey several years ago.  A couple of years ago, he showed me another wine and said, “You should get some of this.”   That “this” turned out to be Caroline Morey’s red burgundy.

Want to know what a nice education I got from Jerry?

So far, 6 cases of Pierre-Yves white and ½ case of his red, plus 2 cases of Caroline Morey’s red.   

 What are wine buddies for   if  not to help us empty our pockets and to fill up our wine cellar!!!!