The Wine Locker owes its success (we have been in business for

40 years!) to many good tenants, friends and supporters.  The acknowledgement of their contribution is way past due, but it is better late than never!


The “founding” members: Michael Silverman, Joel Framson,

Mark Hubbard, Randy Wilson, Lee Cort, Steven Befera

(from Miami), Chris and Liz Eber (now residing in Oregon),

Eugene Lee, Scott Goldstein, Scott Palazzo.


The great troopers:  Alan the Judge and Julie, Jeff Welburn, Michael Novick, Michael Roden, Michael Young, Jerry Hey,  Josh

And Mary Ann Perez, Dr. Jerald Higgins, Richard Carlton Hacker, Ben Gomperz, Carl Nelson, Laszlo Domotor, Vivien McLetchie,

Stephen Kahn, Ron Greene.


The professional team:  Christopher, Erica and Allen Meadows of Burghound,  Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon of The Wine Exchange, Jason Boland of Spectrum Wine Auction and Aurelien Valance of Chateau Margaux and Brenda Martinez.


The best landlord team: first, Ruth Ereth, now Janet and Doug

Maxey, and the best neighbors: Sharon, Drew, Carl and Janet.


Last, but not the least: our lovely editor: Jane Curry!